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Thursday, January 18, 2018



Ridiculously good!  It is firmer the next day.  My husband adores this pie and cuts himself slivers to go alongside his coffee.  He tries to make it last as he knows I won’t be making it too often as I myself cannot eat this pie due to the chocolate in it.  This pie can be made with unsweetened carob chips instead.  This is actually a no-bake pie and technically you do not need to bake the crust either as it will firm up beautifully in the refrigerator.  This can be a NO BAKE pie - simply don't bake the crust.  It is not necessary as the crust firms up beautifully in the refrigerator anyway.

11/2 cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 (375 mL)
1/3 cup cocoa (75 mL)
2/3 cup butter, melted (150 mL)
Liquid sweetener to equal 2/3 cup (150 mL)
1/8 tsp almond extract (0.5 mL)
8 oz cream cheese (250 g)
1/cup peanut butter (125 mL)
Liquid sweetener to equal 1/2 cup sugar (125 mL)
1/cup powdered erythritol, OR (75 mL)
  8 coffee sweetener packets
1/cup heavy cream (60 mL)
Chocolate Topping:
1/2 cup whole milk powder, OR skim milk powder, finely ground (125 mL)
Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 1/2 cup sugar (125 mL)
1/cup powdered erythritol (75 mL)
1/cup heavy cream (60 mL)
1/cup butter, melted (60 mL)
2 tbsp water (30 mL)
2 tsp olive oil (10 mL)
1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)
2 oz unsweetened chocolate, melted* (60 g)

Crust:  In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 and cocoa. In small bowl, combine melted butter, liquid sweetener and almond extract.  Add to dry ingredients.  Press into bottom of an 8 or 9-inch (20 or 23 cm) springform pan.  I use plastic wrap to make it easier for me.  If you like you can bake the crust in to 350°F (180°C) oven for 10 minutes, however, you can simply elect not to bake the crust as it will firm up perfectly once chilled.

Filling:  In food processor, process cream cheese.  Add peanut butter, liquid sweetener and erythritol, OR coffee sweetener; process.  Add heavy cream; process. Pour over crust and smooth out.  Pour Chocolate Topping over top and spread evenly, but leave some of the peanut butter filling showing.

Chocolate Topping:  In food processor with sharp S-blade, process milk powder, liquid sweetener, powdered erythritol, heavy cream, butter, water, olive oil (if not used together with the chocolate for melting it) and vanilla extract until smooth.  Add melted chocolate; process. 

Helpful Hints:  *To melt chocolate, place in small cereal bowl and pour boiling water over the squares.  When soft to the tip of a knife, pour boiling water off.  You may need to do this twice.  Trust me, the chocolate will not seize.  Or, you could place the chocolate in top of a double boiler with the 2 tsp olive oil or a little more and melt it that way.  Chocolate may also be replaced with unsweetened carob chips.  Melt them following the second method.  Some people melt chocolate in the microwave oven.  I’ve not often been very successful with this method … usually my chocolate seizes.  You need to nuke at very brief intervals, but I grow impatient.  I think I would have even less success with trying to melt carob chips in the microwave oven (if you do try, remember to add the olive oil).

Yield:  12 to 16 servings
1 serving
405.8/304.3 calories
9.1/6.8 g protein
37.8/28.4 g fat
1.8/1.4 g fiber

8.3/6.2 g net carbs

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 Steam rising ..... not really a bad pic. ;)

So good to be able to make something like this again!  We have our own low-carb “honey” which is pretty good used in certain dishes.I used sugar-free honey.  You can get this either at Wal-Mart, called Honey Tree® or online at Netrition they have one called Nature’s Hollow® which uses xylitol instead of maltitol which is in the Wal-Mart honey, which can be problematic for some people.

2.2 lbs ground beef, (1 kg)
1 tbsp coconut flour (15 mL)
2 eggs
11/2  tsp salt (7 mL)
1/tsp black pepper (2 mL)
1/cup sugar-free  “honey” (75 mL)
1 tbsp soy sauce, optional (15 mL)
1 tbsp butter (15 mL)
1 tbsp crushed garlic (15 mL)
Sugar-Free Ketchup:
6 oz can tomato paste (170 g)
1/cup water (125 mL)
1 tbsp lemon juice (15 mL)
Liquid sweetener to equal 2 tsp sugar (10 mL)
1/tsp onion salt (2 mL)
1/tsp garlic powder (1 mL)
1/tsp black pepper (1 mL)

Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C) and line a sheet pan with foil.  Grease the foil. 

In large bowl, combine ground beef and coconut flour.  In small bowl, whisk together eggs, salt and black pepper.  Add to ground beef and stir well to combine.  Form 2 tablespoonfuls (30 mL) and place on prepared sheet pan.  Bake 17 to 20 minutes.

Sugar-Free Ketchup:  In small bowl, combine tomato paste, water, lemon juice, liquid sweetener, onion salt, garlic powder and black pepper.  Stir in sugar-free “honey” and soy sauce, if using.

In frying pan in butter, and over medium heat, cook garlic until turning fragrant.  Add the sugar-free Ketchup.  Add meatballs, spooning sauce over them, and simmer over low heat 3 to 5 minutes, or until sauce thickens sufficiently.

Yield:  4 servings
4 per serving
649.6 calories
51.9 g protein
43.5 g fat
2.7 g fiber
8.2 g net carbs 

Saturday, January 13, 2018



I have made this meal with mushroom gravy and one day I was really in the mood for Salisbury steak as was my husband, however, I didn’t have any mushrooms in the house!  This recipe was the result.  It was excellent and for those who don’t like mushrooms, this is a very tasty alternative. 

3 lbs ground beef (1.4 kg)
6 tbsp fresh parsley, minced, OR (90 mL)
  3 tbsp dried parsley (45 mL)
2 tbsp coconut flour (30 mL)
1 tbsp minced garlic (15 mL)
2 eggs
2 tsp Montreal® Steak Seasoning (10 mL)
11/4 tsp salt (6 mL)
1 tsp black pepper (5 mL)
1/4 cup butter, OR bacon fat (60 mL)
Onion Gravy:
1 tbsp butter, OR bacon fat (15 mL)
2 cups chopped onions (500 mL)
8 oz cream cheese, chopped up (250 g)
3 cups chicken stock, OR beef stock* (750 mL)
2 tbsp olive oil (30 mL)
1/4 tsp salt (1 mL)
1/4 tsp white pepper (1 mL)
1 tsp cornstarch, OR arrowroot powder (5 mL)

In large bowl, combine ground beef, parsley, coconut flour and garlic.  In small bowl, beat eggs with a fork and add Montreal® Steak Seasoning, salt and black pepper.  Beat again with the fork to combine.  Add to ground beef mixture and combine very well, using your hands.  Make 20 oblong patties (I didn’t worry about the shape too much).  I believe I used an ice cream scoop for each patty.

In nonstick frying pan, over medium heat and in some butter, fry the patties until they are brown on both sides and almost cooked through, but not quite.

In large pot, in butter and over medium heat, cook onions until soft.  Remove and set aside.  In the same pot, combine cream cheese, chicken stock, olive oil, salt and white pepper and cook over medium heat.  Place some of the sauce in a small bowl and stir in the cornstarch, OR arrowroot powder and add back to the pot, stirring to combine.  Bring the sauce to a boil.  Add the patties and onions.  Simmer 10 minutes.

Helpful Hints:  *I only ever have homemade chicken stock on hand in the freezer and that is what I used.  It was perfectly yummy with this dish and no one can tell it has chicken flavor.  If you use commercial stock/broth, you might want to reduce the salt in this dish. It is so easy to make homemade chicken stock if you have a slow cooker or a pressure cooker.  Place rotisserie chicken carcass in the slow cooker or pressure cooker along with a chopped onion, carrot, some dried parsley, thyme (optional), salt and pepper.  Cover with water completely.  Set on low heat for 8 hours and follow directions for the pressure cooker.  Strain and place in a container in the freezer.

Yield: 10 servings
2 per serving
495.5 calories
31.5 g protein
37.8 g fat
1.2 g fiber
4.8 g net carbs

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


I have to say I really, really liked this breakfast – even cold! The beauty of this easy and quick recipe is that you can use any cooked meat in place of the cooked ham.

3 tbsp unsalted butter (45 mL)
1 cup whipping cream and water (250 mL)
11/cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, OR (300 mL)
  use 1 cup almond flour and 1/cup coconut flour
5 eggs
1 tsp dried parsley (5 mL)
1/2   tsp salt (2 mL)
1 cup diced, cooked ham (250 mL)
2 cups grated Mozzarella cheese (500 mL)

Preheat the oven to 425°F (220°C).  In 9 x 13-inch (23 x 33 cm) dish, place butter and put the dish in the oven 5 to 10 minutes or until the butter has melted.  Spread to cover entire dish, by tilting the dish.

In food processor, process cream-and-water mixture, Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, eggs, parsley and salt.  Pour batter over the buttered dish and swirl the butter into the batter  Sprinkle with ham and Mozzarella cheese.  Bake 20 minutes or until puffed up and cheese is golden brown.  Cool slightly and serve with sliced avocado or fried tomato on the side.

Yield:  8 servings
1 serving
377.7 calories
17.6 g protein
31.3 g fat
0 g fiber
5.7 g net carbs 

Thursday, January 4, 2018



Carrots are finely grated and chopped after grating as well.  The frosting on these delicious fudgy carrot cake blondies is thick and substantial.  The chopped pecans are generous for the pecan lover in you!  If you love a substantial-tasting square, then these blondies will delight you, but if you are not a fan of nuts, then reduce the amount or leave them out. Gelatin is not required for this recipe. It is there to bind the different components of the bake mix to prevent crumbly outcomes; however, most times it is not even necessary.  Carrots are actually a low glycemic load food.  It is the load that counts.  I feel they have received a bad rap in the low-carb world.  This means with regard to carrots having a low glycemic load, that unless you are going to eat a pound or two of carrots in one sitting, carrots don't have a big impact on blood glucose levels!!  That's good news for us. 

13/cups Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2 (425 mL)
1/tsp ground ginger (2 mL)
1/tsp cinnamon (2 mL)
1/tsp salt (1 mL)
11/cups unsalted butter, softened (280 mL)
2 eggs
Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 1/ cup sugar (125 mL)
1/cup erythritol, OR xylitol, OR (125 mL)
  12 coffee sweetener packets
1 cup finely grated carrots, chopped (250 mL)
1/cup finely chopped pecans (60 mL)
Cream Cheese Frosting:
8 oz cream cheese, softened (250 g)
4 oz unsalted butter, softened (125 g)
Liquid sweetener to equal 3/cup sugar (175 mL)
1/cup powdered erythritol, OR (60 mL)
  6 coffee sweetener packets
1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)
1/cup finely chopped pecans (60 mL)

Preheat the oven to 350°F (180°C) and grease an 8-inch (20 cm) square dish.

In medium bowl, combine Gluten-Free Bake Mix 2, ginger, cinnamon and salt.

In food processor or in bowl with mixer, process butter.  Add eggs, liquid sweetener, erythritol, OR xylitol, OR coffee sweetener; process.  Add dry ingredients; process.  Stir in grated, finely chopped carrots and pecans.  Spread mixture in prepared pan and bake 20 minutes, or until set.  Do not over bake.  When the blondies have completely cooled, spread Cream Cheese Frosting evenly over the top and sprinkle with chopped pecans.  Refrigerate.

Cream Cheese Frosting:  In food processor or in bowl with mixer, process cream cheese and butter until smooth.  Add liquid sweetener, powdered erythritol, OR coffee sweetener and vanilla extract.  Process. 

Helpful Hint:  Xylitol is fine for humans but deadly for dogs as it causes prolonged hypoglycemia.  These are best eaten once thoroughly chilled. Unsalted butter is used in the frosting to prevent an overly salty taste which overpowers the sweet result one is supposed to achieve.

Yield:  25 servings
Without/with frosting
123.6/194.2 calories
2.0/3.0 g protein
11.9/19.2 g fat
0.2/0.3 g fiber
2.2/2.6 g net carbs 

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018



When chocolate temptations abound around Easter holidays, this recipe will come in handy to save you. Breaking off irregular pieces of bark is one of the fun things about bark.  The pieces do not need to be uniform in shape or size for that matter.  That is why the nutritional analysis is more of a guestimate for this recipe.  You may get more pieces or you may break off fewer, bigger pieces.  It is up to you.

4 oz sugar-free chocolate chips, OR (125 g)
  Baker’s®  unsweetened chocolate,
  OR unsweetened carob chips*
Liquid sweetener to equal 3/cup (175 mL)
2 tsp whipping cream* (30 mL)
1 tbsp olive oil (15 mL)
1/cup peanut butter (60 mL)
2 tbsp coconut oil (30 mL)
1/cup vanilla whey protein (60 mL)

Line a jelly roll pan with parchment paper.

In double boiler (or use one bigger and one smaller pot), combine chocolate chips, OR Baker’s unsweetened chocolate, OR unsweetened carob chips, liquid sweetener, whipping cream and olive oil.  Stir occasionally over medium heat until the chocolate has melted.

In small bowl, combine peanut butter and coconut oil.  Nuke 30 seconds.  Stir in vanilla whey protein into the peanut butter and coconut oil mixture; mix well. Add whey protein mixture to molten chocolate and stir to combine well.  Pour the chocolate over the parchment paper into a rectangular shape to the thickness that you desire (remember the chocolate freezes fairly hard).  Place pan with chocolate in the freezer.  Break off pieces once hardened and enjoy. 

Helpful Hints:  You can use unsweetened Baker’s chocolate.  Just make sure to sweeten appropriately.  Remember sucralose and stevia on their own won’t do the trick.  Use a combination of sweeteners…usually adding in erythritol or xylitol (powdered).  Just be careful with xylitol as it is literally deadly for dogs (causes prolonged hypoglycemia).  This chocolate gets even harder after a couple of hours in the freezer, however, it hardens enough to eat within 15 minutes.

*If using unsweetened Baker’s chocolate, use 2 tbsp (30 mL) whipping cream.  I used Gold Standard French Vanilla Cream....from GNC.

Yield:  30 servings
Choc chips/choc/carob
47.2/49.3/47.4 calories
1.2/1.4/1.5 g protein
3.6/4.8/3.6 g fat
0/0.6/0.5 g fiber
0.6/0.8/1.9 g net carbs

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I used green chiles as I am a spice chicken, but if you like the heat, you may prefer to use jalapenos (either fresh or canned).  If using fresh, cook along with the onions and bell peppers.  This was a particularly tasty meal especially with that rich creamy cheese sauce.

4 large, thick chicken breasts, OR
  8 thinner chicken breasts
3/tsp sea salt (3 mL)
3/tsp cumin (3 mL)
1/tsp black pepper (2 mL)
1/tsp hot chili powder (1 mL)
4 tbsp olive oil, divided (45 mL)
1 cup chopped onion (250 mL)
1 large red bell pepper, chopped
1 tsp crushed garlic (5 mL)
4.5 oz-can green chiles, OR canned jalapenos (127 g)
Rich Creamy Cheese Sauce:
1 cup homemade chicken stock (250 mL)
4 oz cream cheese (125 g)
11/cups grated Cheddar cheese (375 mL)
3/4  to 1 cup water (175 to 250 mL)

Slice the chicken breasts in half length-wise (as if you are going to butterfly them, but continue cutting right through).  In small bowl, combine salt, cumin, black pepper and hot chili powder.  Sprinkle on both sides of the chicken.

In large nonstick frying pan in 2 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil and over medium heat cook half the chicken for 4 minutes per side until golden brown.  Set aside and repeat with remaining chicken and use 1 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil.  Remove chicken.

In the same pan, cook onion and peppers over medium heat in 1 tbsp (15 mL) olive oil.  Once softened and the onion has turned brown, add garlic and cook a further 2 minutes.  Add green chiles, OR jalapenos.

Rich Creamy Cheese Sauce:  In nonstick frying pan, pour chicken stock and add cream cheese (broken into chunks) and Cheddar cheese.  Allow all to melt and gradually stir in water.  Stir in vegetables.  Place chicken breasts in the 2 pans and pour sauce over the chicken in each pan (the sauce will reduce and thicken).  Cover the pans with lids and cook a further 10 minutes, or until the chicken is white throughout when cut through the thickest part.  Spoon sauce over chicken half way through the cooking time.  Serve chicken with sauce.

Helpful Hints:  If using commercial chicken stock, you may want to reduce the salt. Commercial chicken stock is no doubt very salty-tasting. *To make homemade chicken stock, place rotisserie chicken carcass in slow-cooker.  Add water to cover.  Add 1 tsp (5 mL) salt, 1 tsp parsley (1 mL), 1/tsp (2 mL) thyme (optional) and 1/2 tsp (2 mL) black pepper.  Place slow-cooker on low and cook overnight.  Strain and either refrigerate or freeze the chicken stock in an airtight container.  This chicken stock makes a wonderful base for soups and gravies.

Yield:  8 servings
1 serving
350.9 calories
35.5 g protein
20.4 g fat
1.3 g fiber
3.6 g net carbs

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Hi everyone - Happy New Year to you all - a few days early!  May 2018 see all your New Year dreams come true. What an amazing time we live in.  I can remember when we didn't have the internet and yet today I could not imagine my life without it!  I can remember a day when we didn't have TV - in fact, we only got TV in 1974 in South Africa - the year I graduated from high school.  I can remember simpler times and a time when I thought drugs were something you bought only in a pharmacy.  I can remember lots and lots about a simpler life than I lead today and definitely a slower pace than I lead today.  Do you think life has become more stressful with all our high-tech gadgets?  I mean I can remember a time without my cell phone - not so long ago actually.  Now I would feel lost without it. What did we do in the days before cell phones? - called home from a call box?   What would I do without email or blogging?  

Anyway, interesting times, more stressful perhaps, but interesting all the same and I wouldn't want it any different now that I'm used to it. How about you?  What do you remember?  Would you want to turn the clock back with regard to some things?

I am excited to remind you that we have two brand new cookbooks in the Low-Carbing Among Friends' series....Volumes 6 and 7!  They are a great size (132 pages), pretty books with matching coil binding and tons of photos (about 75 or so, in each cookbook).  I worked so hard on these.  I hope you will enjoy them greatly.  The majority of the recipes are mine with generous contributions from George Stella, Lisa Marshall, Peggy Hardaway and Stacey Crawford!  

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Thursday, December 14, 2017


These squares are loosely based on my fruit cocktail cheesecake, which is lovely, and if anyone wants that recipe, I’ll post it below as well, although I don’t think I have any photos of it at the moment. I have made it so often; you’d think I would have photographed it!

1 ½ cups ground almonds, OR almond flour (375 mL)
2 tbsp powdered erythritol (30 mL)
1/3 cup butter, melted (75 mL)
8 oz cream cheese, softened (250 g)
1 egg
½ cup sour cream (125 mL)
Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 1/3 cup sugar (75 mL)
3 tbsp granulated erythritol (45 mL)
2 tbsp unsalted butter (30 mL)
1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)
1 cup canned fruit cocktail in juice or water, drained (250 mL)

Crust: In medium bowl combine ground almonds, OR almond flour, sweetener and butter. Press into an 8-inch square glass dish. Bake in 350°F oven 10 minutes.

Topping: In food processor, process cream cheese. Add egg, sour cream, liquid sweetener, erythritol, butter, and vanilla extract; process until smooth. Stir in fruit cocktail. Pour over crust evenly. Bake in 350°C oven 20 to 25 minutes, or until set.  Chill and store in the refrigerator.

Yield: 20 squares, 1 square:
126.5 calories; 3.2 g protein; 11.7 g fat; 1.0 g fiber; 2.1 g carbs

A fruity, pretty cheesecake, popular with friends and family. This is an old recipe of mine - use your own preferred sweeteners.  Such a personal thing! This recipe is on page 148 of Splendid Low-Carbing.  Using no-carb sweeteners will reduce the carbs quite substantially in this cheesecake.  The above photo is not mine, but you get the idea from that lovely photo as to how your cheesecake will look more or less.

Coconut Almond Crust:
2/cup ground almonds (150 mL)
1/cup SPLENDA® Granular (75 mL)
1/cup medium-flaked coconut, (50 mL)
2 tbsp oat flour, OR more ground almonds (25 mL)
3 tbsp butter, melted (45 mL)
1 egg yolk
16 oz light cream cheese, softened (500 g)
1 cup sour cream (250 mL)
1 cup SPLENDA® Granular (250 mL)
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
2 tbsp water (25 mL)
11/cups canned fruit cocktail in unsweetened juice (300 mL)
1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)

Coconut Almond Crust:  In medium bowl, combine ground almonds, SPLENDA® Granular, coconut and  oat flour (or use more ground almonds).  Stir in butter and egg yolk.  Press into 9-inch (23 cm) glass pie dish and also up sides about 1/2-inch (1.5 cm).  Bake in 350°F (180°C) oven 10 minutes.

Filling:  In food processor with sharp blade, blender or in bowl with electric mixer, process cream cheese until smooth.  Add sour cream and SPLENDA® Granular; process.  In small saucepan, combine gelatin and water.  Dissolve gelatin over medium heat.  Add to cheesecake mixture; process briefly.  Make sure there is no more than 1/cup (125 mL) liquid with canned fruit.  Stir fruit and vanilla extract into cheesecake mixture.  Pour over prepared crust. If desired, garnish top with few more pieces of fruit, pressing fruit into cheesecake slightly.  Chill until set.

Yield:  12 servings (use no-carb sweeteners to substantially decrease the carbs)
1 serving
232.7 calories
6.3 g protein
19.3 g fat
8.5 g carbs

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Hi folks - Just a warm wish and prayer for you all to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2018.  I can hardly believe how the years have flown!  Thank your for your support of my blog and especially Low-Carbing Among Friends' Facebook and our cookbooks!  Thanks a million!  We sure appreciate you.  We would not be where we are without your friendship.

I am excited to remind you that we have two brand new cookbooks in the Low-Carbing Among Friends' series....Volumes 6 and 7!  They are a great size (132 pages), pretty books with matching coil binding and tons of photos (about 75 or so, in each cookbook).  They make beautiful Christmas gifts.  I worked so hard on these.  I hope you will enjoy them greatly.  The majority of the recipes are mine with generous contributions from George Stella, Lisa Marshall, Peggy Hardaway and Stacey Crawford!  

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