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Saturday, June 6, 2015



This is another  delightful Amish Broccoli Salad.  The addition of chicken means it could make a meal, if desired. This recipe will definitely feed a crowd.  Also, my hubby lost 3 lbs in the last week using this recipe.  He would often have it for breakfast!  

1 lb chopped broccoli (0.45 kg)
  (chopped into small pieces)
1 lb cooked chicken, chopped (0.45 kg)
  (rotisserie chicken is probably easiest)
1/lb bacon, fried and crumbled (0.2 kg)
  (about 7 slices)
2 cups grated sharp Cheddar cheese, (500 mL)
1 large apple, chopped finely (optional)
1 cup mayonnaise (250 mL)
1 cup sour cream (250 mL)
Liquid sweetener to equal 1/4 cup sugar (60 mL)
  (optional – adds no extra carbs)
1/tsp salt, OR to taste (2 mL)

In large salad bowl or trifle bowl, combine broccoli, chicken, bacon, 11/cups (375 mL) Cheddar cheese and apple, if using.  In medium bowl, combine mayonnaise, sour cream, liquid sweetener (if using) and salt.  Stir the creamy mixture into the broccoli salad.  Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top.  Cover the salad bowl with plastic wrap and chill before serving.

Helpful Hint:  You can also add raisins or sugar-free dried cranberries, pine nuts, or sunflower seeds, etc. as well or instead of apple.

Yield:  11 cups (2.75 L)
1 cup without/with apple
430.7/438.1 calories
17.2/17.2 g protein
38.8/38.9 g fat
1.0/1.2 g fiber
3.1/4.8 g net carbs

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